<p>ss inspection reports produced by the phone call to the quality inspection department to verify the authenticity. 2, the warranty period Do not just care about the price and style of products, can provide high-quality service is the strength of the manufacturers performance. For example, the warranty period, some manufacturers are one year, some manufacturers are </p>
<p>two years, and some are five years. Dare to protect five years of manufacturers, in the timber, manufacturing and other sectors will require higher, the most affordable for consumers. Many small factory price is very cheap, but the warranty is very short or no warranty, once the problem is difficult to get a reasonable solution, so consumers must ask questions about product warranty and other issues when ordering cabinets. The above content is to teach you </p>
<p>Xiaobian to teach your kitchen cabinet selection of 10 small coup, according to Xiaobian method, I believe you will be able to pick a good kitchen cabinets, cupboards to buy more knowledge, please continue to pay attention Home improvement network.The traditional bathroom decoration is always subject to the default toilet position, sometimes inevitably because of the toilet position makes the bathroom layout embarrassing. The wall-mounted toilet can </p>
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