there is such a long history of goodfeel, so our products are more representative. But what we just used to represent our product features is a "bald-headed zipper Barbie," a feature that is a laminate flooring product. "Bald" represents easy to take care of,
"zipper" is easy to install, "Barbie" is always new. This is just a starting point. Now we are striving to be individualistic, trendsetter, and another is to return to nature. This is what we are after. [Focus Network Furniture Channel] Our marketing model is still constantly changing?
[Bo high floor] must be changed, or the plan is to keep up with changes, changes and keep up with changes. [Focus Network Furniture Channel] We are currently in the domestic sales channels, the market how to do? [Parker floor] new business channel we will do more than ever before,
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