Solid wood floor care should be noted
1, waterproof: the rainy season to close the window, to avoid drifting, once the solid wood floor carelessly wet, wipe the cloth with a soft cloth in time to keep it dry. When the cement floor is damp and wet, it is easy tocause the rotten, rotten bulge and other problems of the solid wood floor. The problem of dampness of returning water should be solved promptly. If necessary, renovation and replacement of solid wood floor shall be made.
2, fire: Do not throw unburned cigarette butts and match sticks on solid wood floor; placed electric stove, rice cooker, electric iron, electric iron and other items, must have a flame retardant, anti-hot pad, etc .; can not use gasoline to Remove dirt from the solid wood floor to prevent friction and static electricity, causing fire.
3, anti-damage: solid wood flooring is also easy to damage. Even if the guilt of small gravel, eternal long also easy to wear the surface texture and color, leaving traces. If you already have gravel, use a damp, soft rag to wipe it in time. It is best to put on the soft slippers and then enter the room. Bottom of angular goods, do not directly placed on the solid wood floor operation.
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