<P>Solid wood floor surface is scratched, the paint is usually destroyed. This depends on the degree of scratching the surface of solid wood flooring. If the surface film scratches shallower, you can use waxing and polishing methods for processing, will be able to pull clean. There is also a situation that deeper scars, solid wax can be used to fill the patch repair, and then paint with pen paint, and finally polished.</P>
<P>The above operation if you find it troublesome to buy a bottle of floor wax, and mop the same as the normal wipe, some are not particularly deep scratches can be processed. Buying a bottle of floor wax flowers not much money, but on the wooden floor repair and maintenance have a great help, you can make it shiny surface, to prevent scratches and prolong the service life. Generally about three months to conduct a thorough maintenance will be about the same.</P>
<P>If you really are serious or not satisfied with the effect of repair, you must find a professional wooden floor company to deal with, when replaced, it will be damaged heavily dug wooden floor, and then replace the new; the vast majority also need to scratch Around the wooden floor, together with the undamaged wooden floor, dig together (since the wooden floor has a mouth-to-wall joint with the wooden floor, there is a practical difficulty in digging a wooden floor alone).</P>
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