<p>ingredients, and benzene is harmful to human health, but consumers do not have to worry about this, because benzene volatile rate is very Fast, it is constantly evacuated during edge sealing and post-processing, so it has almost no adverse health effects on consumers who buy floors, and factories are specialized for workers who are working Edge exhaust treatment exhaust system to ensure the health of </p>
<p>workers. Second, the use of performance Wood moisture affect the use of the floor Performance of the readers reflect their own solid wood flooring not enough year, the occurrence of cracking phenomenon, but I usually also quite protection, how would such a phenomenon? In the living floor production plant we understand that the direct cause of the cracking caused by the wooden floor is the </p>
<p>moisture content of the wood. Usually, wood and its products will have a certain amount of water, and wood contained in the weight of water and wood dry weight percentage is the wood moisture content. In order to make wood products better adapt to the climate and room environment, in the production of wood products, will be based on a standard moisture content of wood drying and health care, so that </p>
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