<p >Center for quality Supervision and Inspection of Wood-based panels, reminds consumers that those wood-plastic flooring with prices below 120 yuan will be on the alert if marketers promote E0 standards. ?4 . Floor auxiliary materials . The installation method of WPC decking is suspended . It is necessary to select the auxiliary materials for fixing the floor . The skirting line is generally divided into several kinds : compound , solid wood , composite skirting </p>
<p >line , which is generally medium density board with a layer of PVC paper pasted on the surface . The skirting line is relatively popular in the market because it has high cost performance , but some consumers can easily neglect its environmental protection and strength at the time of selection . The solid wood skirting line is good in both firmness and environmental protection , but the price is relatively high . ??Antique wood floor to create a white European style </p>
<p >seven ?A white European style beauty family ,in our eyes is not only a symbol of elegant and beautiful,but also with a deep sense of retro,seven trust antique brown wood flooring,white marble tiles,antique chandeliers, fabric sofa, can create a European style effect for us. In the 200 thousand households to build 120 three bedroom flat, these elements together we played fantastic results white European style, with a look. ?The white marble wall brick is obliquely laid </p>
<p><p>best composite porch flooring</p><br/><br/>
<p>decks with patios</p><br/><br/>
<p>deck board 48 minutes</p><br/></p>