<p>the water tank angle valve with a hose. The pressure of the pipe and the quality of the hose may cause leakage, and if the leakage is required, the false wall will be destroyed to repair. Step 4: Drainage Installation If the hidden tank is installed by using the original pit, the short pipe connecting the water tank and the drainage pipe must be larger than ��90 to prevent the blockage. Step Five: Protective Equipment Installation Before installing and installing decorative </p>
<p>wall, all protective devices should be installed. Install screw protection hose, divided into two parts, respectively, set in the screw before and after the two ends, to avoid false wall or installation of decorative layer plug screw hole. The sixth step: false wall production of light steel keel + moisture-proof gypsum board light steel keel and tank bracket surface to be flat, gypsum board reserved tank protection frame, flushing pipes, drains, screw position, gypsum board </p>
<p>surface must be close to the bracket Surface and fixed. Water tank bracket below the elbow in the toilet with brick or concrete filled to avoid because the gypsum board is not in close contact with the bracket caused by the use of toilet decoration materials rupture. Gray brick + steel mesh in the tank bracket edges and gaps with brick, and the stent surface to maintain a smooth. Use slightly larger than the support of the steel mesh water tank bracket seal up the </p><br/>
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