Although I have been mainly a very happy FIFA player since 09, I have kept up with PES and purchased (or at least played) most incarnations since, but the last football game from Konami which I really loved was 2006's PES 6 (aka World Soccer: Winning Eleven 10).As the reviews have alluded to, each year since the arguable nadir of PES 2008, Pro Evo has splutteringly threatened to catch back up to FIFA in terms of gameplay, and for me it's been increasingly close as to which one I've enjoyed more for the past couple of years - each franchise offering slightly different but equally valid and engaging takes on the sport - as far as I'm concerned.However, while 'sparkling return to form' type reviews for PES have been as much of a cliche as they used to be with REM albums and Woody Allen movies, what I will say is that - while I'm still very much looking forward to seeing what FIFA 17 offers - my first couple of days with 2017 on PS4 have undoubtedly been my favourite with PES for maybe 10 years.

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