<p>plate 15. From the plate angle 50, self-tapping screw 200-250. 3, partition wall partition board, the general use of vertical laying, that is, the board's long edge fixed on the vertical keel. Board edges were fixed in the top (ground) keel or transverse keel, plate docking to be naturally close. 4, to be strong pressure on both sides of the wall seam should stagger each other. Can not fall on the same keel. Second, the installation </p>
<p>precautions 1, from the middle of the plate to the surrounding fixed fiberboard with self-tapping screws. Fixed from the middle of the plate should be fixed to the periphery. 2, the seam can not fall on the keel of the fixed frame When installing doors and windows around the plate, the seam can not fall on the keel fixed frame. In order to avoid the doors and windows often open, off the vibration caused by cracks in the joints. </p>
<p>Conclusion: The above is Xiaobian introduced fiberboard installation method, I hope everyone will be helpful. Learn more decoration knowledge building materials, welcome to continue reading home decoration Raiders.As we all know, insulation board is a commonly used building insulation materials, then, you know how to install insulation board it? What is the installation steps? Installation process, we should pay </p>
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