<p>on the design requirements before the layout drawing to determine the shape and quantity of special-shaped board, and the grassroots with pop-up block location map. (2) The site uses a special cutting tools cut insulation board, but must pay attention to the incision and board vertical. (3) Paste method should be full of sticky, tear off the protective film on the insulation board, the board evenly smear about 5mm thick </p>
<p>special interface adhesive, and then with a triangular nail rake dedicated interface agent pull rake tooth immediately after The insulation board paste in the wall, the paste should be gentle, even extrusion, and 2m by foot and rubber hammer to adjust, to ensure its verticality, flatness to meet the requirements. Each finished a plate, should be promptly removed out of the adhesive. Between the plate and the plate to squeeze </p>
<p>tightly, the suture width of more than 1.5mm with the corresponding thickness of phenolic sheet packing, the height of not more than 1mm. 6, the installation of anchor Phenolic phenolic board after the paste is completed, the anchor should be fully cured anchor drilling, the casing, in the yin and yang angle, cornices, the bolt around the edge of the bolt should be arranged in an encrypted layout. Expansion bolt installation, </p>
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